RNA Symposium 2015

Thursday, 22nd January 2015, 10.15 am - 04.30 pm

HPV G5 ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich

We are happy to introduce a symposium of Young Investigators organized by the NCCR RNA & Disease. The symposium  will take place at ETH Hönggerberg on January 22nd  from 10:15-16:30 in HPV G5.



All seminars will take place at ETH Hönggerberg HPV G5. Mouse over the underlined fields for additional information. The program consists of seven exciting presentations covering all aspects of RNA biology.
The presentations will be held in the following order :

Session Speaker Title
Martin Jinek Structural and mechanistic framework for RNA-guided genome editing
Magdalini Polymenidou Pathogenic mechanisms of ALS and FTD: From RNA misregulation to protein aggregation
Jeffrey Chao TRICKs for imaging the lives of RNAs in space and time
Mark Robinson Discovery of splicing aberrations using RNA sequencing and bioinformatics
Ana Claudia Marques Mechanisms of intergenic long noncoding RNAs in homeostasis and disease
David Gatfield RNA biology of circadian rhythms
Constance Ciaudo Multiple functions of RNAi pathways in mouse embryonic stem cells